A couple of decades ago I wanted my phone number to be easily found. There was not a Feng Shui category in the Yellow Pages, so I worked with a telephone-representative to make this happen nationally.

According to my rep, Yellow Pages wanted to put Feng Shui under an existing category such as Interior Decorating or Design.

It took an education process to convey to her that Feng Shui warranted its own category — as a master-planning tool that transverses residential, commercial, and several disciplines (project management, design, landscaping, etc.).

This took a few months to prepare the representative so she could present the case to her up-line.

Meanwhile, she worked with me to get my toll-free telephone-number, full of good energies numbers (see blog post). 

Needless to say, during this whole process, my representative got a great education into exactly what Feng Shui is and how it works!

Over time we got to know each other well, and she shared a personal dilemma.

She was a newly-married former single-Mom who desired a wonderful blended family and more children. She and her husband applied for adoption and wanted to make their home as supportive for children as could be achieved.

I met with them and we decided to work together. Their home needed external and internal Feng Shui remedies to support their goals.

Result: The adoption went through for special-needs twins from another country. Shortly after, they became pregnant.

I’m thrilled to report they are an amazing and inspiring family.