This case study on earth acupuncture is an ideal way to learn about the earth’s energy- impact on us and our health. This client was referred by a physician because they were experiencing ambiguous health and mental issues which included fatigue, lack of motivation, indecision, upset, illicit activities in the neighborhood, and neighborhood tragedies. The physician was addressing defined symptoms at his office such as seizures and headaches. This is a good example of the patient goes to the physician, whereas I go to the patient. It’s an integrative, holistic, collaborative approach to healing.

The patient and family were considering a remodel so Feng Shui sounded like just the ticket. Little did I know what was about to unfold.

You’ll think this was extracted from a mystery/horror novel or an attempt at creative writing, but this is an authentic case that includes murder, suicide, and even entities. You’ll see photos and precise drawings while we maintain confidentiality for the occupants and location of the site.

You’ll learn:

  • How Feng Shui and earth acupuncture came together to support this site
  • How the assessment confirmed the way occupants were experiencing the space
  • How the implementation plan evolved
  • What was done and why
  • How long the process took, how long before an impact was felt, and how occupants are today

This study is being co-presented by Diana Garber and David Moore:

  • Diana is an internationally renowned Feng Shui Master, and her company, Intuitive Concepts, will take attendees through the process of how she evaluates the Feng Shui and energy imprint of a site. She’ll explain the methodology of how Feng Shui can play an integral part of the success, struggle, or even failure of occupants. Classic Feng Shui is more than just creating a harmonious environment and Garber is an experienced dowser!
  • David Moore is an accomplished international commercial interior designer, space planner, former professor in the department of industrial design at The Ohio State University, and skilled geomancer.

As with all patient referrals, the physician received a written patient-referral summary. This opened up his eyes to influences beyond his control or reach, and now we’re good friends.  To learn more about earth acupuncture and its impact on our health, visit this link.