Are you ready for a change, or just wondering what you want to do when you grow up? This research was one of the factors that led me to leave the corporate world and commit to my current career full time.

What lights you up (gives you energy)? What takes your energy away? Where are you in that paradigm … passionate, drained, or somewhere in between?

Might entertainment, science or service industries suit you; or will you be more fulfilled as a government official or health-care provider? Are you a commander, leader, or follower? Gain insight into what many pay thousands to learn!

IDEAL© Deliverables:

  •          Identify career options based on your personal energy
  •          Define your strengths and how to be passionate about what you do
  •          Evaluate your current work situation
  •          Attain strategies for self-improvement
  •          Listen to your inner voice

Target audience: Anyone thinking about career options and how to be more satisfied

Course level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None

Recommended tools: You may want to take notes

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