I’m a little confused. Some Feng Shui books and practitioners say I should face my good directions; some say have them behind me. Which is it?” -Sandra

Different methods of Feng Shui implement different practices. Facing good directions is based on yin Feng Shui, which is used for burial sites. Since we’re living (yang Feng Shui), I want good directions behind me. Ask yourself … do you want family and friends protecting your back, and see adversaries approaching; or do you want enemies sneaking up behind you?

I choose my back being protected, which empowers me to make informed decisions about what’s heading my way. There’s an option to have the best of all worlds (good directions sitting and facing), called your power position:

  • For East-group people (see the calculator), that combination is North/South. If you’re sitting North and facing South, or if you are sitting South and facing North – they are both your good directions.
  • For West-group people, the combination is NE/SW.

If you’re unsure which are your good directions, visit our calculator page. The chart showing directions is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master