Feng Shui and Wellness

There is a direct relationship between your health and wellbeing and the quality of energy in your home and workspace.

Feng Shui has a direct impact on your health and well-being.

Traditional Feng Shui doesn’t rely on superstitions widely used in “Western Feng Shui.”

We partner with leaders in different fields to do workshops, provide wellness products ( including CBD Oils), and interior designers who help design your home, office, and/or healthcare facility.

Traditional Feng Shui measures your property and home and relies on ancient Chinese wisdom to create a Feng Shui map and detailed report for your residential home, your office, or healthcare facility.

We aim to bring wellness to as many people as possible by doing Feng Shui consults, workshops, educational content, and timely blog posts.

Feng Shui and Your Health

Earth Acupuncture & Health

If you have been treated by an acupuncturist or energy worker (such as a Reiki practitioner), you are aware of meridians in the body. Meridians channel the flow of energy and can become blocked or stagnant. When this happens, it can result in health consequences. The [...]

Feng Shui and Your Environment

Feng Shui and Design

Kanodia MD Team-Building Workshop*

*This is a private event. First, congratulations to Dr. Kanodia for his appearance on The Doctors! Team-building workshops don’t cost extra as it’s part of my commitment to a client. This education series helps staff understand how Feng Shui is incorporated into their work environment, how patients benefit, and how [...]

How Does Feng Shui Affect Remodeling?

Dave Fox Remodeling Radio Hosts Master Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts -- How Does Feng Shui Affect Remodeling? SUNBURY, OH, (July 5, 2013) When Bryce Jacobs, Vice President at Dave Fox Remodeling, and Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master and President of Intuitive Concepts, met at National Association of Remodeling Industry [...]

Columbus College of Art and Design

Master Garber will be collaborating with students at Columbus College of Art and Design. Master Garber has been invited to work with interior design students to incorporate Feng Shui principles into two projects. The residential project team will meet February 20 and 22, with the project being judged on March [...]

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