Dave Fox Remodeling Radio Hosts Master Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts —
How Does Feng Shui Affect Remodeling?

SUNBURY, OH, (July 5, 2013) When Bryce Jacobs, Vice President at Dave Fox Remodeling, and Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master and President of Intuitive Concepts, met at National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) several years ago, they knew eventually they’d be working together.

Dave Fox Remodeling approaches their projects in a similar fashion as Intuitive Concepts; that is, not only performing the work but understanding the needs of the client. Why are they changing their environment now? Is there a change of circumstances? How can the project improve their lives and lifestyles? Synergies were evident in their approach.

Jacobs hosted Garber on the remodeling show on Sunday, July 7, 2013, from 8 to 9 a.m. Eastern, on 610 WTVN Radio. They explored questions such as what is Feng Shui? When is the best time to involve Feng Shui? How does a person’s home affect their health or relationships? How does Feng Shui impact doors, windows, or lighting? Will the color of cabinets, floors, or walls really make a difference? Is emotional and financial freedom realistic in today’s environment?

Listen to the radio show at Dave Fox Radio Show.
“Diana Garber is a Master Feng Shui expert with a business called Intuitive Concepts.  She joins us to discuss how the design of our home impacts the way we perform in spirit, energy, and health.  We discuss the structural layout and interior aesthetics and their importance in giving you a healthy balanced life.  If something just doesn’t feel right in your home or staying healthy is a constant battle, you cannot afford to skip this episode.”

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