Feng Shui and The 2023 Wind Year

Feng Shui and The 2023 Wind Year ‘What’s up with the weather lately and how does it relate to Feng Shui for 2023?’ is a question I covered in the recent 2023 Trends webinar. If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, I’ll make it available for you via video for a limited time. This [...]

Feng Shui and The 2023 Wind Year2023-02-15T13:22:42-05:00

Feng Shui for Health and Wellness

  Mount Carmel is pleased to collaborate with Intuitive Concepts to offer Feng Shui for Health & Wellness.   Did you know the energy of your home can support or undermine your health and wellness? Does this describe you – you’re doing everything right (treatments, exercise, nutrition) yet aren’t experiencing the progress you desire; or [...]

Feng Shui for Health and Wellness2019-05-08T10:27:43-04:00

Why Choose a Date Analysis

Choosing a good day to perform an activity is a wise move. It allows you to do it right the first time; in other words, energies are optimal. Starting an activity or project on a bad-energy day sets the tone for how you (or others) will experience it. As an example, I worked with The [...]

Why Choose a Date Analysis2018-04-09T09:07:25-04:00
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