This client is a Stanford grad who moved from Illinois to Ohio for a job promotion, which wasn’t manifesting as planned.

She was a successful and beautiful executive looking for love, health, and satisfying career.

From the outside looking in, one would think the world was at her feet; but alas this can be deceiving.

Health concerns included sleep, digestion, and lack of energy.

The analysis revealed the original 1927 structure’s energy footprint wasn’t compatible with the addition’s 2004 energy.

Think of it like sibling rivalry – one zaps the energy of the other. If the original structure has good energy in a quadrant (direction of the compass) and the addition doesn’t; one helps the other when Feng Shui is introduced. When the same direction has negative energy in both structures, that is a problem that needs Feng Shui.

The NW (head male, management) showed many challenges in both structures (original and addition) explaining how it was going for her regarding the job change, finding a mate, and sleep. North (career, regeneration) had difficult energies in both structures; as did the SW (head female, digestion, love, relationships).

Result: Following the implementation plan – her sleep, digestion, and energy improved. She has a committed relationship.

She received a wonderful advancement opportunity in another state and moved. She offered a review of my work which was all A’s (quality of work, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism).

“Diana was wonderful. She gave me very useful, on-the-spot list of things that I should do immediately. I highly recommend her and have already recommended her services.”