Residential Kick Start Consult

This option is for an existing residence and does not entail structural renovation or landscaping. This option is for those who rent or lease a space, they don’t own the property or building.

Diana will consult with the project owner, interior designer, and family members. Feng Shui aspects include building-design assessment, energy analysis, interior design, and date analysis. Feng Shui support is provided for 30 days.


  • Data gathering via telephone
  • On-site assessment
  • Identify project scope
  • Review the design & build process
  • Establish funding
  • Interior survey
  • Make recommendations
  • Perform building analysis
  • Perform occupant analysis
  • Documentation review
  • On-site project closure
  • Project follow up
  • Assess EMF
  • Attend a free webinar or workshop

To read a detailed matrix describing each consult option, included Bonuses, please download the PDF: Intuitive Concepts-Service OptionsCheck with your tax advisor about deducting our fees!

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