My Dad is My Hero
Author Unknown

The world has many heroes who have won a world of fame
Heroes who have given their all to win in life’s great game
But of all the famous heroes that our changing world has had
There’s not a one I look up to or admire more than my Dad.

To me, my Dad’s a hero though he’d turn away from praise
He’s heroic in his quiet strength and his gentle, giving ways
He may not make the headlines, you won’t see him on TV
But I think my Dad is everything a hero ought to be.

He always keeps his promises on that I can depend
He’s loyal to me, no matter what and he’ll always be my friend
So when I think of heroes and the greatest things that they’ve done
I feel the way that I’ve always felt — my Dad’s the greatest one.

Miss you Dad, Sis (his nickname for me)