I’m not sure if Kroger (grocery store) sponsored their medication-disposal event on a weekend in honor of October being Talk about Prescriptions Month, but I took an entire shopping bag for disposal for someone who no longer needs specific medications.
What an accomplishment!

Another client reported that she’s going to change physicians because he wants to continue to treat her for a condition that has disappeared. Her sleep apnea, in her opinion, isn’t an issue anymore and she doesn’t want the surgery he still wants to schedule.

Feng Shui is NOT a replacement for seeing a health-care professional.
These are examples of why classic Feng Shui is important for people’s well being. As part of a patient’s treatment plan (team), we get fantastic results.
As a client, do you have a story to share?

If not a client, how can we help you?

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,(c)