Like many, I can’t help but reflect on the events (and more importantly THE event) of 2011. I thought about attaching a picture, but it is burned into our memory. As one of many who served during the NY terrorist attack, the memory is still alive. My part seems small. I served in the command center for Bank One. Some of us moved to my home because it was so stressful, people wanted ‘inside’ updates, and we had to work through several nights. They didn’t know I was an active Feng Shui consultant, so this was a perfect place to be.

The day began because one of my staff’s parents was visiting NY and we were checking weather and events out of curiosity. Then the attack happened. For reasons I can’t explain publicly, I dropped to my knees. For her, I was distraught, but more so because of a conversation I had with someone who managed the earlier bombing. I haven’t written about it before for many reasons. Let me just express my extreme gratitude and love. Love to those who lost their life. Love to their family members. Love to emergency responders. Love to those of us who helped remotely. Love to those who felt the suffering and pain. Love! God bless one and all!

This is one of many reasons that I approach Feng Shui as a risk management tool. There are buildings that are higher risk than others. Depending on one’s personal energy, they can be more vulnerable. Again, depending on one’s personal energy – some are attracted to substantial companies. I’m not going to make this into a sales pitch. Sales are not my strength. What I want to leave you with … is risk management. Manage your environment consciously, or unconsciously it manages you.(c)

Love, Diana