I called a client to check in, and to thank her for her patience (her report is due). Kim’s been working on her remedies and particularly likes the feel of her bedroom. We chatted about the energy this year, and its effect on all of us. If you (the reader) are having difficulty feeling grounded, you are not alone.

I also mentioned our Chinese astrology. She’s the rooster. Rooster is the dragon’s most compatible sign, so the trend for 2012 was a good one for her. I’m the dragon. When most people think, ‘it’s my sign this year so that means it’s a great year,’ think again. How I experience the dragon year as a dragon, is a time of learning. As humans, we tend to learn more from challenges – so it is a year of challenges.

As the saying goes, it isn’t what happens to us but how we react. This has been a crazy year, but knowing that was the trend for me, I’m managing challenges as gracefully as possible. After all, life happens even to The Feng Shui Results Lady©.

Everyday, normal activities include consults, workshops, travel, and running a business. We maintain a healthy schedule so those activities keep us hopping. However, the year 2012 (of the dragon) has been especially busy. Let me first say how blessed we are in these economic times. I’m delighted to be making a difference.

So the point I was making to Kim was that in addition to all this:

·         I’ve been interviewing for an assistant

·         Founded The Time for Women is Now

·         Interviewing for a webmaster

·         Interviewing for I.T. support

·         Microsoft required we convert from BPOS to Office 365 for email (it didn’t go well)

·         The Global Women’s Summit came to Columbus and I was asked to speak

·         Hired marketing help, and there’s new-vendor time investment

·         Hired an assist, and there’s new-employee ramp-up time

·         I was asked to speak at the AAPI 30th annual medical convention and host a booth. Lots of coordination necessary.

·         And last but certainly not least is our website redesign – and you’re just seeing Phase 1 of it. There’s more goodness to come.

I said that upon reflection, I may have made a strategic error in judgment taking on so many large projects in a short time frame. Kim’s response was ‘it isn’t an error in judgment. With all that’s going on in the world, and all the hype about 2012, it’s easy to get pulled in. Your website is a light at the end of the tunnel for many of us. If the Feng Shui lady is planning for the future, that gives all of us hope. It’s worth the wait.

How blessed am I to have such wonderful clients? I then worked on 2013 and 2014, so there were lots to look forward to. Thank you, Kim!