Fred Astaire Dance Studio Westerville 1st in the U.S. to Incorporate Feng Shui

Reopens After Rehiring Master Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts

SUNBURY, OH, (June 14, 2013) Amy Jordan, franchisee of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Westerville, Ohio, said her experience of hiring Intuitive Concepts in 2009 really made a difference. After implementing remedies, the studio attracted more male clients, staff changes produced better results, she made her own personal changes, and ultimately it all led to this facility.

So when the location at 1091 Eastwind Drive, Westerville, OH, became available, Amy again called Diana Garber to be a part of the design team. Working with Myra Construction, Garber consulted on the former Key Bank building. Feng Shui impacts include the entrance, retail area, office locations, landscaping, and interior finishes (flooring, wall colors, lighting, etc.).

Amy said, “We built a new space and are starting fresh. Feng Shui provides a good foundation and gave us focus. It will help everyone – our clients, our instructors, and our staff. We offer everything from ballroom to salsa group instruction, to private lessons. Performance, stamina, competition, and most of all fun are all important – Feng Shui helps it all.

Garber continues to consult at the studio, working with Amy and staff as to how they and their students can personally benefit from Feng Shui. A grand opening was scheduled for the fall. The public is welcome.

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