Have you heard the cliché money attracts money? Are there disciplines the wealthy use so their money makes more money? Sure there are. Whether it’s utilizing financial planners, maintaining a balance between income and debt, or saving little on a recurring basis…there is credence in the abundance conversation.

What’s the abundance conversation? Abundance attracts abundance, and scarcity attracts scarcity. It’s self-talk…what we say to ourselves. Let me explain. If on a daily basis we acknowledge our life as a whole, loving, and complete (we have what we need), then we attract more of that energy. If, on the other hand, we acknowledge life as less fulfilling than it could be, we attract scarcity. Our choice creates our perception! This isn’t to say we need to wear rose-colored glasses all the time; that life doesn’t have its ups and downs. It’s about how we choose to view our experiences overall.

I’d like to share some advice that my commercial and residential clients use to raise their prosperity energy because it works and its fun. Commercial clients, as an example, use this information to change their prices. Residential clients use it for budgets and even to request telephone numbers.

There are numbers that improve luck, and those that deplete it. Prosperity numbers are six and eight. When combined with one or nine, it boosts good energy. The first approach is to use numbers at face value (examples are 16, 18, 68, 69, or 89). Another approach is for the series of numbers to total six or eight (examples are 15=6 or 17=8–as you can see, these are reduced to a single digit by totaling the numbers). It’s particularly powerful when there are several face-value numbers that total to six or eight (example, 888-689-6891888-689-6891 totals 71, reduce that to a single digit 7+1=8).

How can you raise your prosperity energy? If you need to make a payment for $14, make it for $15 instead. If you’re selling your house, instead of $159,500, ask for $161,000. Remember, numbers that show a prosperous face value AND total to six or eight are particularly good. Try to avoid two and five where possible.

Here’s to your prosperity! Share this article with others so they too can enjoy.

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,(c)      ~Diana Garber