Feng Shui and the Weather

‘What’s up with the weather lately and how does it relate to Feng Shui,’ is a question I covered in a recent newsletter. There’s been so much interest in this, I was asked to expand on the discussion.

Does the weather relate to Feng Shui? Yes! In classic Feng Shui, energy (or chi) is associated with five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). Each element is associated with certain aspects of Mother Earth and a numerical value.


Element Number Symbol
Fire 9 Fire, heat, light, sun
Earth 2 Mother Earth
Earth 5 Center of all
Earth 8 Mountains
Metal – hard (Yang) 6 Heaven
Metal – soft (yin) 7 Lakes, marsh
Water 1 Water, rivers, oceans
Wood – hard (Yang) 3 Thunder
Wood – soft (yin) 4 Wind, air, respiration


With that information as a base, let’s look at recent events using the flying-star model (a classic Feng Shui application). The year 2004 (which ended 2/9/05) had a five energy (center of the earth=earthquakes). Five also implies catastrophe or serious implications. We experienced the most severe earthquake on record that year. December 2004, had one energy (water). The combination of these is now a historical fact — nine on the Rictor scale which produced the Asian tsunami.

The flying-stars model (how the numbers float on a grid) for 2004 put four (wind) in the SE. What happened in the SE of U.S.? We had four severe wind storms (3 hurricanes and one downgraded to a tropical storm).

Now for 2005, the four green Wen Qu star (wind) visits the center. While this is good for the entertainment industry and peach blossoms (romance), it shows we experience strong winds and respiratory illness. I don’t believe its coincidence that SARS and the bird flu (affecting respiration) are strong in Asia since the two black sickness star is in the East.

Last night on the news they commented about this year’s unprecedented number of hurricanes. As we were entering a one (water) month (September) in a four (wind) year, Katrina surfaced.

Some think this insight is scary. I find it invigorating. It, to me, represents choice (how to respond). I look at what’s happened in the past and how it equates to that year’s Feng Shui energy and compare it to what’s happening (or will happen) today or next year. Look for highlights in the upcoming article 2006–Year of the Fire Dog. Workshops of the same title will go into much more detail.

It is said our lives entail three aspects: Destiny, Luck, and Feng Shui. Destiny is how we fulfill our life’s contract (purpose). Luck can be thought of as the choices we make. Do you create your own luck? Is your life today your own manifestation? An interesting query!

Feng Shui is about honoring all things (our bodies and environment). Can we change the weather? Maybe yes, maybe no; but consider global warming and its impacts. What can you create by honoring all things? Speak with your actions and your vote. We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.