When my daughter lived at home, we both had issues with our periods not starting. She has moved out and her period started and she is regular. I on the other hand still live in the house and still have not started. My body does all the function of starting a period but it doesn’t start. What does one do and start?

Hi Kelly, It’s always nice to hear from you and thanks for the question.
The energy of the SW of any building or house has to do with not only the head female but also the menstrual cycle; however, North has to do with blood. Since your daughter, after moving out was able to resume a normal schedule, it is likely energies within your home are causing issues. There’s also your personal energy — does the home, SW, or North support you, or even females in general.

To your question on what to do or start – I wish there was a quick answer to your dilemma. The energy in your home needs to be assessed (not just the directions I’ve mentioned, but all of it because energy works holistically), an action plan developed (how to influence the energy), and then implemented.

So what does one do? When it comes to health and wellness, if it doesn’t exist, it affects all aspects of our lives, thus, obtain a consult.
How do you start? You came to the right place and I’d love to help.

Blessings, Diana