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A staggering 86 percent of all respondents stated feng shui will play a role in a future home buying decision and 79 percent are willing to invest more in a home that incorporates its principles. As such, feng shui often carries a large premium, with respondents willing to pay an average of 16 percent more. On the flip side, for sellers, incorporating feng shui into the foundation of a home may also affect its future on the market, as 90 percent of Chinese-Americans believe implementing its principles increases a home’s resale value.

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Diana Garber
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*P.S. Tip #3 which says to use red and orange in the kitchen — that only applies if the building needs the fire element in that quadrant (direction). Those colors, while active and exciting, can increase the appetite and cause aggression. Used appropriately (where the building’s energy needs them), they can work wonders.