May is in the 2nd quarter of the year and we’re still encountering Spring. The primary direction we’re focusing this quarter is East representing wood, the rising of the sun, new life, and nature reclaiming the land. East honors the male gender, ancestors, and family. In business, customers and employees are highlighted. Those of us who are the wood element (ming gua numbers 3 and 4) are featured.

The positive attributes of the East are vitality, technology (at least when it works – haha), intelligence, and prosperity. Negative attributes include anger, anxiety, thunder, and storms; thus why we coined the phrase, “management your environment consciously or unconsciously it manages you.”©

Visually the color equated with Spring and East is green. The shape is rectangular (or tall) which can be seen everywhere in nature as the green plants grow upward towards the sun.

Our theme for May is “every day in every way — Feng Shui serves you and your family.” There is a catch though. I’m referencing authentic Feng Shui principles and practices that were developed in ancient China. This is very different from other forms of Feng Shui that are generic (cookie cutter) renditions. Classic Feng Shui is precise and customized. It starts with the land, man’s impact on the land (buildings, roads, etc.), the internal space, and then occupants (people or animals) in the space. Most other forms of Feng Shui only deal with internal space. Critical aspects of authentic Feng Shui include the landscape (called Form School) and algorithms (called Flying Stars).

Flying stars shift every year. Just as this year is different than last year, Flying Stars change and provide valuable insights. Therefore, it’s important to know possible trends so that life can be enjoyed rather than dreaded (making the bad…worse, or capitalize on the good). Here’s what 2015’s Flying Stars look like.



An explanation is in the video, and a summary provided below. In all cases, think of your office building, your office suite, your yard, your home, or each room in your home. When the implications aren’t positive, are you experiencing the symptoms described? When the implications are positive, those directions can be good areas to spend time.

2015 Flying Star Directions and Definitions 

1 in the East: When managed well can help with recognition. When not managed well, can cause theft, robbery, or violence. Have a door in the East? Think about a security system.

2 in the Southeast: It brings illness, disharmony between females, and sleep problems.

3 comes to the center (affecting all directions and all of us): It brings quarrels, carelessness, anger, lawsuits, and doesn’t favor youth.

4 in the Northwest: It brings literary and love-luck.

5 star is in the West: It brings bad luck of all kinds, financial loss, accidents, misfortunes, mishaps, fights, and death.

6 in the Northeast: It brings luck from heaven, success. helpful people, and supports real estate. When not managed well, can cause upset and anxiety.

7 in the South: It can help couples conceive. When not managed well can cause heart or mouth issues; or increase the risk of fire.

8 in the North: It brings wealth and prosperity; but when not managed well can increase liquor/drug consumption, hasty decisions, money concerns, and blood/kidney problems.

9 in the Southwest: This can help women looking for romance or a promotion at work. When not managed well, can influence OB/GYN concerns as well as eyes and our mental state.

So what do I mean above by “manage?” Have your office or home assessed. If you notice any of the negative things mentioned above are happening, wouldn’t it be wise to get that handled and stay ahead of it? What’s the price of a consult compared to the consequences of not having it done? Priceless!

I saw on the news last night that heroin deaths have doubled and I mentioned that in the video way back then. Feng Shui (and risk management – which is my background) is about being proactive. Anticipate a problem and be preemptive (business continuity); or have it get the best of you and react when it happens (disaster recovery).
Let me help you to help you!