In early January 2013 Susan and I of Hina Environmental Solutions bought an 8,000 square foot office building that connected the land where we previously purchased a warehouse. We met with a General Contractor and Architect and had a plan drawn up for the remodel. Brian remembered that Susan had some contact with Diana Garber a “Master of Feng Shui” with Intuitive Concepts at Ohio State University Medical Center’s Center for Integrative Medicine, and sought her out for a consultation.

For years we had interest in Feng Shui but knew very little about it. So we met with Diana and discussed what Feng Shui could do for us and our Team Members. The intriguing part was how Diana showed us how Feng Shui analyzes the energy of a building then produces an action plan not only for the building but for all of us working in the building. She also shared with us our personal energies; that for someone that did not really know us, was surprisingly true to our nature. Susan and I hired her that day and the journey continued.

The construction team consisted of Wesney Construction, Intuitive Concepts, and Hina Environmental. We used Diana’s analysis to help us with the flow of the space, where our offices would be, which way we should face in our office, interior and exterior colors and texture, flow of the traffic in the parking lot, fences and even a mural on the exterior wall. When the former owner (an Architect) of the building visited our site he was astonished and amazed at what our team had done. At our previous office we had very little foot traffic dropping in. Now, we have frequent visitors that are comfortable coming here and use our office for meetings instead of theirs. This is when we really knew that we did things right. Feng Shui gave us and the building new confidence.

Diana also helped us with business concepts. We discussed bid models and bidding process making sure that we Feng Shui’d our numbers. The estimating team has had fun with that one. Diana also had a teambuilding workshop for our entire staff and discussed what we did, why we did it, and what their personal energies are for each of them. The staff has been energized and excited to find out why they were feeling so much better at work and some even changed things at home. It is fun here now for them and me as well. Susan even noticed how we are attracting more superior professional talent to add to our team.

On August 5th of 2013 we moved in to the new space. With our heightening of our Feng Shui, our business has really take off. At the end of July 2014 we are $500,000 ahead of our sales goal for the year with gross margin the highest that we have ever had. The amount of asbestos inspection and abatement jobs have already surpassed what we did all last yearand this is only July. We have sent 6 team members to Aileron’s Executive Profession Management training and are sending more soon. We have completed our written strategic and succession plan and are implementing it now. We are so thrilled that the Company has reached a new level.

Is it just Feng Shui? Of course not, as Diana says Feng Shui is one tool in the tool box. It took vision, creativity, perseverance, heart and our Teams focus to achieve this level of success. Feng Shui helped smooth the path for a more efficient and profitable journey.

Make Feng Shui one of your tools. Diana is great to work with and the results are tangible and quantifiable. Please stop by our office anytime and experience it for yourself. We love are space and you will too.

Hina Environmental Solutions, LLC.
Brian E. Hina
Vice President

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