Intuitive Concepts’ theme for 2015 was “It’s All About You.”
We chose this theme as a special tribute to our clients, customers, and fan base because you are the most important people to us.

Therefore, each month we shared information, tips, and testimonials that will benefit you, and offer suggestions on how to remedy challenges that may have come your way.

Since Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology are based on monthly shifts, each month we share Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology facts that affect your life, your business, and your home. Our focus for June was “Energy, Vitality, and Wellness for You and Your Family.” As you review this June newsletter, we recommend that you use all of the information we offer to ensure that you have a more empowered life.

June’s Monthly Perspective:  June is the last month in the second quarter of the year which means there are benefits and cautionary advice that we want to share with you.

  • June is the sixth month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. Six represents the NW, hard metal, head male, and the brain. There’s no coincidence June honors fathers (Father’s Day) and is Alzheimer and brain awareness month.
  • Then when we switch to the Chinese calendar, June is the fifth month of the year; however, it is a one/water month. We’re likely to experience a wet, stormy, and windy month.
  • It’s a time to use your intelligence but also a time when your temper can be aroused. So…count to 10 if your temper flares up.

You:  There are positive aspects that can benefit you this month, but, there are also negative ones so be vigilant. Feng Shui wise, the energy will be challenging for certain individuals.  If you are a metal element person (6, 7) you might want to consider a personal strategy session and/or a personal report. Don’t know what your energy number is?

Family: This is a good time to think about relationships … who do you need to attract in order to feel more supported? Who is in your life that challenges you, and how can you make the best of it? Our personal relationship strategy session can help. Also, one of my favorite relationship resources is Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator.

Health Wise: We’ve already mentioned the brain. We have a new resource for you – self-hypnosis. Also, Feng Shui refers to the energy that flows within us, our businesses, and homes and the land surrounding these structures. Just because we can’t see the flow of energy does not mean that we aren’t being affected by it.

Your health should be one of your foremost areas of concern and Intuitive Concepts offers services that can assist you. We often work on wellness teams and results have even included remission!

Business Wise: This is a fortuitous time for new beginnings so if you are considering a job change, a secondary income, or a new perspective for your existing career, this would be a good month to consider your options and a perfect time to schedule a personal Feng Shui career strategy session.  What would you learn in your session?  The type of career that would be ideal for you and what it takes to make that change.

June is a great month to recognize your employees and to thank your customers. What you do this month for your staff and clients will benefit you through the rest of the year.

Weather Wise: Get out your umbrellas and rains coats because storm clouds lie ahead.  Be prepared for the wind and thunder which is part of the Feng Shui weather forecast for June.

The Feng Shui Tool Box: We felt that in order to assist you in having a wonderful year at home and in your career, we’ll offer tools to help you on your life’s journey. Everyone knows that a toolbox is essential when building or restoring any building. Well, the same applies to the care and maintenance of your life. Every one of our clients receives a personalized toolbox!

Have questions? Ask away. Enjoy the month of June!