Jane Hawes, Editor for Dispatch Magazines, received an introduction to Feng Shui when she interviewed Master Garber for their September/October issue of Capital Style Magazine. The interview was conducted at the new All Life Center for Integrative Well Being in Delaware, Ohio, where Garber is moving her offices.

Readers of Capital Style will receive six tips for better living by reading the article. Also mentioned are Garber’s favs (favorites). Feng Shui, a 3000-year-old Chinese system of environmental analysis and management, helps balance exterior and interior energies to create a more prosperous and harmonious environment for businesses and homes.

A recent project of Intuitive Concepts is the Tansky Sawmill Toyota facility in which changes were made to improve the environment to create a safe and stable setting for customers when making important life-changing decisions.

Currently, Intuitive Concepts is developing the Feng Shui Education and Research Center at 123 Hyatts Road, Delaware, OH.
Here at All Life Center, you will experience Feng Shui and how it compliments health and well-being.

To read the entire article in Capital Style, click here.