Using Feng Shui to Decorate for Peace & Harmony

In the summer issue of Buckeye Lifestyle, managing editor Kelly Moricca interviewed Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts, Inc.

This is an excellent issue since its focus is on women in science and that’s how Feng Shui Master Garber approaches Feng Shui.

In the interview, Kelly asked Diana how Feng Shui can help with today’s pandemic, financial turmoil, political climate, and a myriad of stressors. The article, titled Decorating for Peace & Harmony covers clutter, the flow of air and light, decorating tips, and effects on the mind and body.

For a glimpse at the article on Buckeye Lifestyle Magazine, visit this link.  Download a PDF of the full article, Decorating for Peace and Harmony-Buckeye Lifestyle.

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Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master