December 2017 Money-bags Month
Have you heard of a money-bags month? I receive a ton of emails about this so let me explain before December is upon us. The hype (typically email messages) says this energy only comes around every 800+ years. That’s not true. Money-bags months happen once or twice a year. While that’s not all that frequent, it isn’t as rare of an event as people are led to believe.

A money-bags month is one where there are five full weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and is also called “silver pockets full,” which implies we’ll attract money and our pockets will be full. To place a sense of urgency on these emails, they may say, “this is the only time you will see this phenomenon in your life,” or that if you don’t forward the message on to people in a certain number of days – you may lose out.

Even though your heart may be in the right place, don’t be fooled or bother others with this nonsense. It’s a good way to pass on a virus–and time is money (loss versus gain). Hope this clears things up. Happy holidays!