This family received devastating news. Out of nowhere, Dad was diagnosed with cancer and 18 months to live.

In just one area of his body, he had 20 inflamed lymph nodes in his abdomen that were swollen ¼” or more.

I was called in to help.

The Feng Shui consultation revealed an energetic footprint in the home that confirmed the terminal illness.

My recommendations were: 1) move; and/or 2) implement remedies.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve asked a client to move; and in all cases, they didn’t have the time, energy, or money (due to medical costs and/or loss of work) to do what was needed.

So, they got busy with remedies and soon began to report his health improving.

After a year she wrote, “His cancer has not grown and he is still very free of outward sickness. There are oddly now 11 cases of cancer on our street! It’s time to leave.”

Now to anyone reading this that knows of negative health or behavior trends in a neighborhood or specific area, call me! This is most likely not just a coincidence. Here’s an example of research that’s been done.


While there was a lot of skepticism from friends and family about them moving, they did it anyway.

Later she wrote, “Break-neck speed things are coming in, so forgive my whiplash! The oncologist/hematologist called last night at 6:15 to tell us that the bone marrow test is so far negative. So this means he is better now than 3-1/2 years ago when we found this lymphoma!”

One of the questions he had, when we started this process, was “will my physical body be here in 20 years?

We’re all thrilled to report the answer is YES. They are happy, healthy, and living in paradise.