A workshop on Feng Shui: presented for Central Ohio Better Business Bureau.

Regardless of your work environment (office, cubicle, home, shared, or remote), there are tips that you can apply immediately. Enjoy!

In this presentation, you will learn how to improve your relationships with:

  • People
  • Your work environment
  • Energy productivity
  • Creativity
  • Flow in and flow out
  • Creating balance and relieving stress

Most people, when they think of Feng Shui, think of it as decorating. Such as moving a couch, hanging some crystals, or wind chimes. Some people think of Feng Shui as interior design.

But, in actuality, Feng Shui is about managing the energy we live and work in.

Here in the United States, when people think of Feng Shui, they think of doing something in your love corner or changing something in your wealth corner. But as you’ll see, that is a very simplified version of Feng Shui.

Intuitive Concepts practices Authentic Feng Shui, which has been around for thousands of years. Authentic Feng Shui is based on quantum physics and figuring out the energy footprint of the land, a building, and its occupants.

Authentic Feng Shui begins with a diagnosis. Once the energy footprint is diagnosed, a specific implementation plan is created that helps us to manage the energy: changing negative energy into positive energy, which gives us a better expression of life.

Of course, interior decorating may happen in the process, but it’s more important to identify the root cause of an issue and then address the symptoms; this process is what gives you the best results.

To give you an example, I’ve worked with dozens of patients referred to me by physicians that had a terminal illness and had 6 to 18 months to live.

After doing Authentic Feng Shui, they’ve gone into full remission with full quality of life. (This is why I am currently the only Feng Shui person globally who has spoken at a medical convention).

So Authentic Feng Shui is all about energy management. We look at what gives you energy and what takes it away, and how you conserve and manage it.

Think about what gives you energy and what takes it away.  In my Feng Shui reports, you get tips on how to pay attention to your body colors and how to surround yourself with supportive directions in designing your workplace.

When you’re operating in your peak environment, it’s a win-win-win-win. It helps you; it helps your customers, the business, your family, and your community.

I also talk first about setting some goals.

Think of Alice in Wonderland when she’s going down the road, and she comes upon the Cheshire cat. He says to Alice, “You know which road you want to take?” Alice says, “I don’t know.” And he says, “Then how do you know where you’re going to end up? 

We must have goals to achieve the maximum that we can out of life.

Think about your ten-year goals, five-year goals, one-year, and six-month goals. Write them down. Have your goals visible when it comes to any type of major purchase and the activities that you’re embracing.

I talk about balancing and having you be a priority in your life. So setting goals include your personal goals, not just for work. In other words, include family and friends, physical goals, emotional goals, spiritual goals, intellectual goals (we need that brain food), financial goals, professional goals, home goals, etc. 

My personal experience is that I sit down in December of every year, and I map out the goals for the upcoming year, and then my husband and I talk about that at the end of the year. We take a look at where we made progress and where we didn’t.

Goals are always changing because life happens. Every day things happen. So you should have your goals visible when making any decisions and then be flexible and give yourself a break if you haven’t achieved something.

When I work with any client, business or personal, I start with their goals.

I get asked why I don’t discuss a love or wealth corner, as most people think of when it comes to Feng Shui.

Because every direction of your property and your home, of your office building, of your desk is considered. 

I use Authentic Feng Shui to measure your property outside the home. I map out the coordinates over a drawing of each level of your home and determine the best course of action.

When I was at The Ohio State University, I was a clinical instructor and their Feng Shui practitioner. Our rule of thumb was that every year you had any type of condition, you needed to allow at least a month of healing. Feng Shui is the same way.

Feng Shui isn’t something where you hang a crystal, and you have immediate results. It is a process. It’s not a destination. It’s a process.

I hope you watch the entire presentation to get the full benefit of the talk and slides


May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,©

~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master