Dear Diana,

Over the past few years I have greatly appreciated your guidance with the Feng Shui Energy for our business and decisions concerning potential buildings.

Your advise has been priceless. Just thinking of where we would be today had we not listened to you when it came to the energy in that Grandview location. Just weeks ago the building was torn down for further growth and parking lot space. This would have meant we would have been forced to move twice in two years. Nothing is worse for a company than to be uprooted and preoccupied in moving, changes in address, and our customers not knowing where to find us. We had our lease in hand ready to sign and you helped us make the right decision to avoid this mistake.

So, I thank you for your wisdom and guidance and will continue to work with you for any moves we plan in the future. I have learned a lot from you and the energy around us that influences our world.

Darla J. King
King Business Interiors, Inc.

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