Feng Shui for a home office makes life easier and more profitable.

After the 2020 lockdown, a lot more people are working from home. Many corporations made the decision to close their offices and have their people work from home permanently. This has its benefits and its drawbacks. Most people had to create a make-shift office as everyone was sent home in a hurry.

There are benefits to working from home such as less travel time, savings on gas and meals, the comfort of working in casual clothes — I highly recommend you change into some kind of work outfit – no pajamas! You will feel more in control and command.

Working from home has improved many people’s work-life balance.

You get to see your kids and/or pets more often. You enjoy your home and get outside more often. Ten minutes in sunlight is not only a mood booster, it increases your Vitamin D! Working from home is much more relaxing without the stress of dressing up, commuting, and having to socialize with your co-workers when you are stressed to get your work done.

According to an article at Inc.com, 90% of people polled have said working from home has been more productive.

Working from home does have its drawbacks and has put a lot of people in a difficult spot.

Your success at working from home depends a lot on how your office space is set up. Where do you work? Your kitchen? Den? Bedroom? Sharing a play or game room? Are you working in an environment that is cramped and uncomfortable?

No matter where you are working, there are ways to improve your office space to make it more functional, enjoyable, and even profitable.

Feng Shui for your home or business makes a huge impact on your entire life and the success of your company.

I do a full analysis of all the rooms in your home or company, as well as the property.

Using authentic Feng Shui, I create a detailed plan of how to improve your environment, inside and out. This is a very detailed process and does require an investment of time and money.

However, if you want to do a few simple things that can make an impact on your daily life, here are some suggestions. Enjoy!

5 Feng Shui tips that help to make working from home a better experience.

There are many things you can do that are simple to make your office space optimal. Simple things that will allow for more prosperity, peace, and success.

#1. Declutter your desk

Decluttering your office makes a huge difference in your productivity, peace of mind, and happiness while you are working. Walking into a cluttered office or workspace immediately sets off resistance. If it’s difficult to sit down in a messy space to begin your work, it will be even more difficult to get the work done.

Start by cleaning off your desk. Make sure you can see the top of your desk and that it’s clean. If you have stacks of paper, move them to another place to deal with after your desk is clean. Make sure the desktop is clean (of your physical desk, we’ll talk about your computer desktop in a bit). Wash off coffee stains. Get rid of miscellaneous items that are distracting and make you think of other things (example, kids toys). If you have sticky notes everywhere on your desk and/or computer, move them.

#2. Arrange your desk for optimal flow

Having your desk in an optimal spot helps the flow of energy (chi) as you work. If it is positioned with your back facing a door, move it, even if slightly. You want to be in command of your space. Having your door in your line of sight puts you in the “power” spot of your office or space. Try not to have it directly facing the door, but at a slight angle so you are able to see your entire space or office. Make sure you feel in command of your space and not vulnerable to people (or pets) walking in unannounced.

#3. Arrange items on your desk for optimal flow

If you are right-handed, place your computer on the left side of your desk/table and make sure it’s clean and uncluttered. Move any stacks of papers to the right side in a neat pile, preferably in a nice office paper holder. If you are left-handed, do the opposite. 

Place small inspiration items in your lines of sight, such as a small framed mandala, inspiratio[nal quote, or special little items you love. However,  don’t use too many, it will look and feel cluttered. These items are meant to spark a bit of joy as they catch your eye. Declutter your desk every evening when you’re done working so that you start fresh in the morning.

#4. Declutter and spruce up your office or workspace.

Once you have a clean desk, take a sigh of relief. Get to work if you have to. As soon as you can, tackle the areas in the room or space that are cluttered. Throw away old papers and files (yes, some people still have papers and files)! A rule of thumb is one year – if you haven’t used or read something in that time, consider scanning it to a file for safekeeping then shred or recycle the paper trail. Financial or tax records use IRS guidelines. 

Give away or toss items in your office that are old and have no meaning to you. Recycle what you can (it is karmically a good thing to do). Declutter the floors and other areas, especially those that are in your eyesight as you’re working. If your floor or carpet needs to be cleaned, clean it! Place pleasing or inspirational pictures on walls that make you feel good. If you have a problematic relationship with someone you love, don’t have a picture of them in your line of sight while you’re working.

#5. Spruce up your office or workspace

Feng shui divides the world into five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Everyone has a favored element that is based on their Ming Gua (birth number). It’s good Feng Shui to have the color of your element in your office space.

First, find out what your Ming Gua (birth number) is using this free calculator.

Next, see the list below to find out what your Feng Shui element is. Hang art and add other items is based on the element. (Note: Natural wood items such as your desk, doors, dressers, etc. are considered neutral and do not count as a color.)


If your Ming Gua (birth number) is 1, you are a water element.

The water element colors are blue and black (black like the deep of the ocean). The shapes are wavey and curvy. You can use fountains, images of water, blue/black rugs.


If your Ming Gua is 2 or 8, you are an earth element.

The earth element colors are yellow, tan, brown, and orange.

Use images of mountains, gorges, and valleys. The images should show off soil rather than flora. You can use cotton and other natural fabrics.


If your Ming Gua is 3 or 4, you are a wood element.

Woods color is green. Using these colors in design strengthens wood attributes.

Use green in your decor and use healthy living plants. Representations or photos of green plants in your art can also bring wood to design.


If your Ming Gua is 6 or 7, you are a metal element.

Metal colors are white, gray, and metallic colors.

Use circles, metal objects, and mirrors. You can reuse frames and/or decorative items you already have. Spray paint them with metallic paint.


If your Ming Gua is 9, you are a fire element.

Fire colors are deep purples, red, orange, vibrant yellows, and pink.

Make sure your office is well lit. Use candles (the electronic ones are safe). Add images with these vibrant colors. A red chair would be a nice addition.


#6. Wrapping it all up – activate all your senses

Making these improvements can be a lot of fun! Have fun finding inspiration artwork you love. Use aromatherapy with scents such as lavender, which calms your mind, or citrus, which helps stimulate you into action. Play music that inspires you. I personally use new age music when writing, Soft rock when I’m jamming on a report, and light classical music when I’m working with calculations.

I hope you find these Feng Shui tips for your home office helpful and fun.

You will notice a difference if you implement some or all of them. It feels great to spruce things up and even better when your office is clean and organized.

May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,©

~Diana Garber, Feng Shui Master