In honor of April 2014’s administrative professional’s celebration (20th-26st), and to professionals everywhere, here are tips to increase prosperity.
Have you heard the cliché money attracts money? Are there disciplines the wealthy use so their money makes more money? Sure there are. Whether it’s utilizing financial planners, maintaining a balance between income and debt, or saving little on a recurring basis…there is credence in the abundance conversation.  You can learn more by watching this video on YouTube about wealth.

Savor these thoughts as we’ll return to them.
The energy we’re in and will be in for a while is going to be interesting. Take a cue from April 3rds 7.8 earthquake in Chile, as our lives may be on shaky ground. We’re in for a bumpy ride and it has to do with change. You can drive the change, or it can drive you … but there’s no running from it. The harmony convergence (as some are calling it) will bring things to a head so there can be a resolution, or it might take the route of conclusion (bringing an end to a situation or relationship). So back to a prosperous state of mind … think and act with pure intention, and be a willing participant in creating the outcome you’d like.

What else can you do to be proactive? Here’s what one of our clients did …

About 1 month following your earth acupuncture, something else happened. I was sitting in my living room (which has quite a number of windows facing an open field) when all of a sudden the sky turned green and the wind picked up. I spotted a tornado headed straight toward me! I ran into the bathroom for safety and when I came out I was astonished! The tornado skipped around our house and followed down the side of my yard leveling one of my trees and taking out my mailbox. It did not touch my house! Furthermore, the tree it took out was outside the line of acupuncture. My husband believes that some sort of magnetic interference from the steel rods used for the earth acupuncture embedded in the ground caused the tornado to change its course. Coincidence? I think not.

Thank you again, Diana, for your expertise! …Dr. Dennis & Anna McClure

We can help you too! May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,©    ~Diana