This is an Ohio Feng Shui client who lives in a condominium complex. When performing classic Feng Shui, I look at the energy of the entire building then a specific apartment or condo. Otherwise, we’re treating a symptom rather than the root cause.

From a building perspective, she lives in the East and NE quadrants. The East has terminal (or chronic) energy affecting the thyroid and other body parts. In fact, she was diagnosed with thyroid issues that are thought to be cancerous so is seeking medical treatment. Other chronic concerns are teeth (managed by the energy of the West) and eyes (South). Since her condo is not in either of these areas from building’s perspective, we then zoom into her condo and influence from there.

Since the diagnosis for the building and her condo is customized according to algorithms based on that structure, the treatment plan is as well. In other words, what we’re doing here won’t work elsewhere. In the East, she needs moving metal. Just as important as what she needs, is what to avoid so the remedy is not undermined. She’s to avoid water, wood, fire, and earth. In the South, she’s to use water; and avoid fire and earth. In the West, use groupings of eight; avoid water and metal.

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