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Yummy, Healthy Spring Recipes

Spring is a beautiful time to explore and play with healthy, wonderful, and delicious recipes. I love gardening. I love cooking. I love coming up with new recipes as the vegetables appear in my garden and farmers' markets near me. Sesame Snap Peas with optional Ginger Ingredients 3 cups or so of snap peas [...]

Yummy, Healthy Spring Recipes2022-06-14T19:15:43-04:00

Feng Shui Summer Recipe

It's 90 degrees so I wanted a Feng Shui recipe that was cool & healthy that I could conjure up from my garden. I decided to incorporate all of Feng Shui's five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood)  to create a dish mostly from our organic garden. I love cooking with feng shui in mind [...]

Feng Shui Summer Recipe2022-06-14T19:22:06-04:00
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