Feng Shui February 2019

The purpose of this post is to help you plan for the coming month. The Feng Shui month begins on February 4 through March 5. It is a two-earth month in 2019’s eight-earth year. Two represents sickness so there is a likelihood of persistent health problems such as digestive, arthritic, and limb or bone pain. This combination does not support expectant mothers.

How do you use this information? Be proactive! After all, Feng Shui is risk management:

  • If you are traveling, carry and use sanitizer. On airlines, clean the tray and armrests. Consider wearing a mask to protect yourself from sick people. Take your own beverages and snacks.
  • Eat healthy and at a reasonable hour. Avoid too much spice.
  • If you have muscular/skeletal issues, treat your body well … warm-up and cool-down when working out, schedule a massage, have tiger balm handy, visit your healthcare provider, and pay attention to your surroundings. In other words, be present when walking, driving, or doing physical activities.
  • If you are expecting, pay attention to your body. If you notice anything unusual, call your doctor.
  • This energy can cause us to withdraw and feel lonely so make an extra effort to be with family and friends.

Benefits the 2:8 combination bring are good for real estate and money prospects. Another way you can use this information is if your Ming Gua or kua (birth number) is two. This month’s influences are strong for you. Don’t know what your kua is? Use our free calculator. If you don’t know your hour of birth that’s okay. Just enter your day, month, and year of birth. Also select your birth gender as males calculate differently than females. Then select calculate.

There are certain numbers we pay attention to when it is a two month. Those numbers are 5, 7, and 9). I’m listing where these numbers appear this month so that you can avoid the areas or implement a remedy. Note: These are generic recommendations based on timing. Clients know there is more to it than this. Your plan is specific to your working and/or living environments. For clients I’m actively working with, your 2019 plan is strategic. If you notice any of the trends below and would like to compliment what we’re already doing, feel free to do so as long as it doesn’t conflict with your strategy.

  • Five flies into the NE increasing the potential for health concerns and arguments. If avoiding this direction this month just isn’t an option, bring in metal objects or colors (metallic gold, metallic silver, white, or gray).
  • Seven flies into the North increasing the risk of legal encounters or emotional upset.
  • Nine flies into the East causing misunderstandings and miscommunication. This is not a desirable area to spend time if you have something important going on; in other words, move your discussion or meeting elsewhere.
  • I’m throwing in one more area. Six flies into the South increasing conflict and arguments. For this month, elderly people should avoid this area. External sha (negative) features can bring accidents or injuries.

Beneficial areas this month:

  • SE is good for romance, business opportunities, public speaking, sales, and marketing.
  • NW helps career, goals, being noticed, and starting a family.
  • West supports students, writing, and those in academia.

It is so important to understand the energy of the structure you work or live in. A proper analysis reveals the past, present, and potential of the space – how it has, is, or can be utilized. Make informed decisions and manifest an awesome future. Contact us today for to explore your options.

Just want to you about you in 2019? Consider a personal strategy session. Want career insight? Or a relationship strategy session is about who to surround yourself with.

Do you like this information? How do you put it to use? Please do share below in the comments!


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