Feng Shui Events Testimonials

I would like a consult from you.

Your workshop on the year’s energy was right on point. It’s unfolding before our eyes. The economic crisis is hitting everyone.

Bush fires have taken over everybody’s thoughts. I know 5 families that have been under threat from these fires to differing degrees. Two were okay as the fires didn’t get too close but three of them were under imminent threat & each family was in a different area. That’s how widespread these fires have been right across the state. I had one friend in Whittlesea which was one of the worst-hit areas & the fires literally stopped at the gates to his property. Thank God as he wasn’t able to get back to move his last 4 horses.

Another friend’s daughter lives in Mansfield with several horses so we were all on horse float convoy alert in case they needed to get out in a hurry, but thankfully they got it under control before it hit the town. Another friend of mine has a brother in one of the other dangerous areas of Healsville & they had the fire coming in on 3 different directions on their property then joined into one big one. Thankfully he had taken precautions before he built & was pretty well prepared to fight it & they managed to save their home & the two cabins on it although one is a little singed on the outside. They got their horses out early so they would be safe.

This fire is still a major threat though as are some of the others. It’s been amazing to see the whole country band together to help though. So far they have raised over $81 million dollars AUS. We have even donated things like old towels & sheets for the animals & wildlife as they were also caught in all this.

There are almost 200 people confirmed dead & they expect this to rise considerably, over 2000 homes have been destroyed. The worst part of all is that at least one of these fires have been confirmed deliberately lit & 2 more people have been caught lighting fires this week too. Saturday was a hellish day of 48c (119f) & these people went out & lit fires.

So, what will it take to get you here and when can we do this???????

Cathy, Australia