2019 Wellness Symposium
Sponsored by Mount Carmel Health System
Friday, May 10, 2019

8 Feng Shui Success Secrets to Improve Your Medical Practice Presented
by Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts, Inc.
1:15 pm – 2:00 pm Eastern

While this accredited event is not open to the public, more information can be found here.


When you think of Feng Shui, do you think of quantum physics and risk management? Are these tools to create balance, wellness, and reduce stress? If you answered yes, you are correct.

Feng Shui (Chinese for wind and water) helps you shape your environment. This energy-medicine practice is an empowering facilitation for change. The classic approach evaluates your specific living or working environment, your personal energies, the surrounding geography, and man’s impact to Mother Earth.

Everything is affected by its environment (i.e., our body’s cells thrive in a healthy environment and struggle in an unhealthy one). Classic Feng Shui diagnoses energies that support or work against us. Research to evaluate your environment’s magnetic and electromagnetic influences, inherent energy patterns, and history of the space leads to an analysis that diagnoses your compatibility with the space. It is believed that energy, when directed in a knowledgeable way, promotes harmony, wellness, prosperity, and success.

Energy medicine falls into two categories: Veritable (can be measured and employs mechanical vibrations) and putative (have yet to be measured). Feng Shui incorporates both.

Examples of veritable energies:

  • A clinical study conducted by an M.D. demonstrated that blind children act aggressively in a red room and are calm in a blue room. Color (produced by light) resonates at various energy levels and our bodies respond to it. This is also demonstrated by the condition called SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
  • It was experimentally proven that all organisms receive cues from local electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that regulate their metabolic activities. Studies indicate that genetic expression is influenced by EMF’s and that the evolution of all organisms has been guided to a certain extent by local EMF’s. In studies conducted by Hippocampus Research Facilities, various subcellular and cellular characteristics were measured under bio-resonance conditions. The data shows a possibility of immune cell activation, functional normalization of hormone receptors, different anti-tumor and various anti-aging effects.

Putative energies are based on the concept that human beings are subtle forms of energy. Examples are acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, massage, Reiki, and homeopathy.

Please join me for an informative journey into health and wellness, and obtain tips you can use immediately.

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