July 30, 2017

“I heard about Feng Shui and even attended one of Diana’s lectures. However, as an accountant and an analyst, I really didn’t have any expectations about measurable results from how I placed things in my home. I wanted some redecorating and thought I would use Feng Shui as a guideline. It couldn’t hurt, right? When we made the appointment for Diana to come for the initial survey, she asked me to have some goals in mind. I’d been working temporary jobs for about 17 months looking for the right position and I was currently unemployed. So, our finances were okay, but not secure. In addition, our eight-year-old son had never slept through the night. He came into our bed nightly, often wet from an accident.

Diana gave us concrete suggestions about changing our son’s room. His headboard was pointing in the wrong direction. His optimum direction was the one he laid in when he came to sleep with us. We had the right colors in his room but they were muted and he needed true colors. We couldn’t move his headboard to his optimum position, but we could move it to the next best. We framed some of his school artwork for his room. What a surprise that he used his optimum colors. The results were almost instantaneous! He now sleeps through the night in his own room. He even wakes to use the restroom then returns without waking us. After eight plus years this is a true blessing. He had not known why we were changing his room around, so the changes were natural, not forced to please us.”