New Jersey
August 13, 2017

“We’ve been in this commercial building for 49 years with additions added at various different periods of time. The business was experiencing a noticeably steady decline, especially since the 1990’s. Within the last 3 years, even though there has been a recession, it declined even more drastically. Determined not to give up, I hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts to analyze the energy.

We’re about 60% complete with the Feng Shui recommendations in 3 months. I believe business has increased 100%! The phone is ringing again and we’re busy! I also made staff changes that made a huge difference in cash flow energy. Another troublesome staff member left suddenly.

Diana, when analyzing staff’s energy and how they relate to the business and me, indicated in February this person was not a good fit for the team. Immediately after the departure, a friend said, ‘you’ve got to hire my friend who is in your area,’ so I’m exploring more staff changes.

I’m excited to see how the business continues to excel! Thanks, Diana!”