July 30, 2017

“I originally hired you in 2005 for a long-distance telephone consult. Our #1 goal was increased wealth. My husband was unemployed, and my massage practice had declined quite a bit in the previous year to a sporadic dribble. Your key observations were:

1) Our house, and home office, is double sitting and lacked water. This impacts our wealth.

2) The period seven house weakened in period eight. Diana’s explanation about how this affected us was right on target.

3) We have double-seven energy inside our house, which in period eight has a detrimental effect.

We implemented the external remedies right away. Diana helped us prioritize the internal remedies and we’re working on that.

I’m happy to report my husband is now employed and my massage income went up 57%. We’re back for an update for this year because we want to keep this positive momentum going.”