July 30, 2017

We moved into our house in July of last year. You came to Arizona early this year to do an assessment for us. Your analysis identified several themes, some of which were auto accidents, dental and eye problems, arthritis, and the potential for tumors. Wouldn’t you know we had an automobile accident after moving in.  I’ve never had dental problems and now have a cavity. My fiancée and son also now have dental issues. Three of our dogs developed cysts, and one was just diagnosed with arthritis.

It’s amazing how our environment can give us strength or take it away. It’s such a relief to know there’s something we can do about it, it’s a holistic approach (which I love as a wellness consultant and Arbonne dealer), and more importantly to have a specific action plan. Now changes we make have purpose, and we’re doing it right the first time… which saves money and effort. Thanks, Diana!”