July 30, 2017

“My fiancé and I recently completed remodeling our home. While the remodel was in the works before hiring Diana, we are so thankful that we were able to incorporate classic feng shui principles. It simplified our decisions, ultimately reduced our costs, and allowed us to make the right decisions the first time.

Two major projects turned out so beautifully! The first was our kitchen which was red, yellow, brown, and beige. Based on our home’s analysis, the energy in our home, and the goals we set, we were to avoid earth and fire.

“Diana recommended simply painting to remedy the situation. She said it doesn’t require thousands of dollars. We needed metal to correct the energy, so we painted the brown cabinets white, changed the color of the walls, and replaced the countertops to gray. It looks so amazing, and the energy radiates throughout the rest of the house. The best part – my new cabinets were only $40!

The second major project was replacing the floor. We chose tile for the whole house. We had selected a very neutral tile, beige, because that is the standard for this type of home in Arizona. I was never comfortable with this choice, and the plan was to do the tile ourselves. Interestingly enough, one thing after another came up – stalling the project. I knew it was the tile.

Diana confirmed my assumption. The house needed metal energy to ward off health and safety concerns caused by too much earth (beige). We exchanged the tile for a different color (we were surprised they waived the restocking fee–yeah) and it went down the next day!

It is amazing what happens when you are working with authentic Feng Shui! Every person that comes into our home says WOW, I love your home. It feels so good here, and the floor and the kitchen are beautiful! Diana, thank you!”