July 30, 2017

“When Diana and I originally talked about Feng Shui, at Christmas in 1998, I had called her for a consultation on our condo. I was working out of my office in our rented condo and my computer business had shown mediocre progress after two years of hard work. Diana made several suggestions, one specifically that moved me. I immediately placed this wonderful piece of artwork where she recommended, and gave it no real thought as to whether anything would happen because of it — I loved the piece there and that was good enough.

It wasn’t until a week had passed, that I realized I had picked up three new clients — and that continued at a regular pace! I called Diana a month later to update her on the incredible changes, also including increases in our energy levels and health. Here we are, two years later, still experiencing results. We just purchased our dream home in the country!

We are really looking forward to Diana’s next visit – so that we may harmonize and balance the energies in our new home. Diana has an uncanny sense of this ancient Chinese practice, that will sway the biggest skeptics should they choose to follow her suggestions. Thank You, Diana!”