July 30, 2017

“My husband and I called Diana to do an analysis of our home. My husband wasn’t sure about it, but seeing how important it was to me he encouraged me to call and go ahead with it. I have to admit I wasn’t sure what all it would entail or how much it could change all aspects of our lives.

When Diana first came to our home to meet us and get the necessary information for her to do our analysis, she gave us some preliminary things we could do very inexpensively right away. She told us that due to the energy of our home we needed moving metal on our East wall, both on the first and second floor. I was baffled at first but she suggested a wall clock with a continuous moving pendulum. That will work (we thought) so as soon as she left we started shopping. The critical issue we wanted a change with was for our oldest sons (even though they did not live with us).

Well, we found one to fit the décor on the first floor and got it up in time for a visit from my son. Within 2 weeks to a month after applying the remedy, the area he needed to change in his life was starting to shift. He slowly regained his self-esteem and confidence (that had been basically robbed from him) and his life started to turn around.

In the mean time we had found and implemented the remedy upstairs with a clock on the East wall of our master bedroom. That’s when we almost panicked. My husband’s son (who is much younger and living with his mother) was admitted to the behavior health center at the hospital. We wondered why the moving metal remedy worked so well for one and not the other. He was only there for about three days and much to our surprise it had done a world of good for him. The remedies that we implemented worked! We also realized that while it did fix things with their personal and emotional struggles, they still have a journey back to who they are. That’s why Diana says that Feng Shui is one tool in our toolbox.

It has been amazing to see the changes over the last 6 months as communications with both sons is better, and they are much stronger emotionally. They had been robbed of that based on our analysis, just like her analysis confirmed something else … our home was broken into and robbed within nine months of purchasing it. We’ve addressed this energy now.

I watch and listen closely now to make sure our “moving metal” clocks are always running. We still have other things to do in our home, but as we work on implementing each remedy we see things changing for us and our loved ones.

Thank you, Diana!”