August 21, 2017

“Right after we talked a friend who loves me gave me a gift of a red purse (not my first choice of colors for a purse) but remembering that red is a good color for me (and I do keep my money in my purse and red fire keeps it active), I started carrying it. Within a couple of months I was offered a chance to interview for a new position at work.

That same week I realized I had a crystal hanging in my kitchen window (from the previous owners) and according to your workshop crystals disburse energy. If that energy is bad, that’s not a good thing. I felt it wasn’t good energy since the previous owners were quite ill. I took the crystal down and threw it away. That week several interviews went really well and a questionable reference from an old boss (that I didn’t get along with) was ignored. I got the new position and the first meaningful raise in salary in 4 years.

Raises continued as I proved myself. Since I’ve been carrying my money and checkbook in my red purse, my salary has increased by $20,000 in less than a year. Plus I received a bonus last year and have never gotten one before. Coincidence? I don’t think so! I’m the same person, with the same work habits, working for the same company. The only explanation is the new energy around my money and I removed the crystal from the back of my house.

Thank You!! You’ve turned an old skeptic into a new believer and a much happier woman.”