July 30, 2017

My husband and I have both seen tremendous results in our health since Diana Garber did a Feng Shui analysis in our homes in Ohio and Arizona. It’s important to say we initially focused on my husband’s seizure disorder. He had a stroke in 1992 and had seen at least five neurologists all recommending a change of seizure medications. The results never changed. After eight years of living with a seizure disorder he visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and learned about a surgery that could cure the problem or reduce the seizures by as much as 50%.

About this same time we were hearing about Feng Shui. After research, we decided to call Intuitive Concepts. Diana Garber visited our home and her analysis resulted in redecorating our home. This was easy to incorporate since it involved colors, movement, and elements. We moved the master suite to the Northwest bedroom (representing the neck area and my husband’s carotid artery problems) for more control of his health problems. We concentrated on this room more than any other. Diana said it was important that he sleep with his head facing North, and to incorporate metals. We took her advice very seriously and it was my husband who became intent on following her guidance, to my surprise.

My husband has not had a Grand Mal seizure since 2001. There have been very minor ones, but they aren’t as serious or frequent.  At this time, we believe surgery is no longer necessary. My husband’s seizure disorder only improved after making changes in our home based on Feng Shui. He had not done anything medically different. We’ve since had Diana evaluate our ranch in Scottsdale, and make suggestions for my breast cancer and liver problems.”