July 30, 2017

We had our car for sale for some time. Got a few bites here and there, but it wasn’t selling; so we dropped the price. Meantime we considered having Diana perform Feng Shui on our home since it was an odd year and things weren’t going very well. We struggled with spending any money, but decided to bite the bullet. Within a few days we had several offers on the car and it became a bidding war. It was very cool! We sold the car for more than the o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l asking price, AND we got an offer on one of our other cars (which we didn’t use much anyway). The cost of the analysis recouped , we’re having big-time job improvements, a 20% unexpected raise (which normally happens mid-year, once a year), and a blast of new opportunities. Rock on Diana!!