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Fred Astaire Dance Studio Rehires Feng Shui Master

By Diana Garber | Mar 20, 2018

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Westerville 1st in the U.S. to Incorporate Feng Shui Reopens After Rehiring Master Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts SUNBURY, OH, (June 14, 2013) Amy Jordan, franchisee of Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Westerville, Ohio, said her experience of hiring Intuitive Concepts in 2009 really made a difference. After implementing remedies, the studio…

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My Dad Is My Hero

By Diana Garber | Mar 15, 2018

My Dad is My Hero Author Unknown The world has many heroes who have won a world of fame Heroes who have given their all to win in life’s great game But of all the famous heroes that our changing world has had There’s not a one I look up to or admire more than…

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Celebrate You Radio Show

By Diana Garber | Mar 13, 2018

It was great to be on Celebrate You, Radio Show with Judy Hansen back in September of 2013! For several decades, Feng Shui Master Diana Garber lived a disciplined corporate life while simultaneously pursuing Feng Shui. Her background in energy and risk management includes Vice President of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery at Bank One.…

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Is Feng Shui One Of Those New-Age Gimmicks?

By Diana Garber | Mar 8, 2018

Recently a client called and said fellow church members raised concerns about Feng Shui. Members thought it was a gimmick or witchcraft, and that anything other than prayer was evil. I went over to discuss it with my clients and appreciated they brought it to my attention (taking an empowering approach). What I suggested is…

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Cleveland Center of Integrative Dentistry

Cleveland Center for Integrative Dentistry Utilizes Feng Shui*

By Diana Garber | Mar 8, 2018

*This is a private event. The team-building event on 4/13/18 is an option that any commercial-mastery client https://intuitiveconcepts.com/commercial-mastery-renovation-consult can utilize. It doesn’t cost extra because it’s part of my commitment to a client … to help staff understand how Feng Shui is incorporated into their work environment (what is being done and why, and how patients benefit),…

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Organic Or Not?

By Diana Garber | Mar 6, 2018

If you were paying attention to the news in September of 2012, you probably heard about the report proclaiming there are no nutritional benefits to eating organic food. Various media outlets blasted headlines such as “Why Organic Food May Not Be Healthier for You.” The media blitz may have left you wondering whether it’s worth…

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Why Choose A Date Analysis?

By Diana Garber | Mar 1, 2018

Choosing a good day to perform an activity is a wise move. It allows you to do it right the first time; in other words, energies are optimal. Starting an activity or project on a bad-energy day sets the tone for how you (or others) will experience it. As an example, I worked with The…

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Will This Business Find Even More Success?

By Diana Garber | Feb 27, 2018

This client has a successful business (one of the fastest growing as reported by Business First) and has outgrown their current space. They purchased a building and contiguous property for a warehouse and growth. We visited the site and did a walkthrough. The building has been vacant for a while and is in disrepair. That…

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Myers-Briggs Workshop

By Intuitive Concepts | Feb 26, 2018

Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator (MBTI) Back by Popular Demand! This Workshop sells out every time! This workshop is likely UNlike anything you’ve taken before, even if you have taken Myers-Briggs! We do a lot of discovery work around who you are, role play, and discuss fun facts. Many of those who attend are back for more…

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