Tansky Sawmill Toyota, Columbus, Ohio

Tansky Toyota Ground Breaking

Tansky Family Toyota Ground Breaking

Why:  The Tansky family and management wanted to update the dealership on Sawmill Road. Luckily the Tansky’s recognized Feng Shui as a master-planning tool (affects everything) so I was part of the project from inception. The original scope was to renovate what was there but as time progressed (and Feng Shui analysis confirmed) the scope grew to include an addition and incorporate LEED (Leadership in Environmental Energy & Design). If you’re familiar with Well Building Standard® Concepts, they include air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. LEED targets the brick and mortar aspect of these, and Feng Shui targets the rest (morale, productivity, health, success, and joyful experience).

Tanksy’s triple bottom line was conscious human development, excellent financial return, and social and planetary responsibility. The original footprint of the building dedicated more space to service than it did sales or operations. No surprise that affected sales, operations and strategies. The energy of the building flagged issues with staff, inventory, and technology. This is why it is important to look at the energy of the original structure (when it remains) and how it will support or detract from a new addition.

Just to ensure a commitment to the current site was prudent, the Tansky’s had me look at several other locations (vacant lots to other dealerships). When the decision was made to stay on Sawmill, we started discussing architects, builders, and an owner’s representative; and met with Toyota USA. We also explored two separate buildings versus one. From an energy perspective, one was more desirable.

There were some challenges. One was zoning. If the dealership closed its doors for even one day, new zoning would apply (which meant the original building didn’t meet code).

What:  Feng Shui impacted the entrances from Sawmill and Dublin-Granville Roads, the parking lot, how patrons entered the service valet, doors, reception, sales area, office assignments, patron lounge, service area, interior finishes and colors (meeting Toyota USA standards), signage, landscaping, marketing, demographics, dates of major events, etc.


  • The project finished ahead of schedule.
  • Demographics expanded: More women and families.
  • They are attracting exceptional personnel.
  • Sales goals are met and consistent.
  • The environmental stewardship the new facility demonstrates is something the Tansky’s are proud of.

Front of Building Before & After

Tansky Front Building BeforeTansky Sales Tower After

Showroom Before & After

Tansky Toyota Sales TowerTansky Toyota Sales Tower After

Office Before & After

Tansky Office BeforeTansky Office After

Customer Lounge Before & After

Tansky Customer Waiting Area BeforeTansky Customer Waiting Area After

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