Feng Shui Yearly Strategy SessionPersonal Strategy Session

Your Personal Strategy Session is actually two-fold and explores your personal Feng Shui and Chinese astrology impacts for 2020. What is your energy for the upcoming nine (fire) Feng Shui year? How does its earth dog Chinese astrology affect you? What are your trends for wealth, career, relationships, and health?

customized strategy session is with Feng Shui Master, Diana Garber, and reveals how 2020’s energy impacts you utilizing the M & M approach:

1) You’ll learn if opportunities are surfacing, and have time to plan for and Maximize them.

2) You’ll also learn what personal risks might be lurking, and how to Minimize them.Change is constant. We’re all in transition; albeit health, finances, career, age, school, relationships, self-development, relocation, children coming/going, or other life changes.

What does this year have in store for you? Purchase your customized Feng Shui Yearly Strategy Session and find out!


We will call you to set up a convenient time for your session.
Allow 26 minutes for the phone call. Have paper and pen handy to take notes.
Cancellations are non-refundable if made less than 48 hours of appointment time.

What others have to say about their session…

“I truly enjoyed the session. I’m new to this and you were very helpful explaining what it means, how to best understand the info, and how you personally use the insights. Now that I know a little – I realize I’d love to know more. You clearly have a gift for understanding how to best support your clients and I’m so glad to have the chance to get a taste of what you can do. I find it (and you) pretty amazing. I’m going to listen to the recording again with my calendar in hand to map out and select times that will be helpful in my business and life in general. Thanks so much.”

Phyllis Nichols

“Hi Diana,

“I found my session very helpful. I am a person who takes a fresh look each year at my goals and projects that I would like to accomplish. Doing this helps me to feel positive about the year ahead, even when it may represent great challenges. The Personal Strategy Session helped outline some potential challenges, and how I can have a positive affect on them. As you know, I experienced important results these last couple years by implementing Feng Shui elements into my home, business, and life. The strategy session also helped me prioritize my projects for the year. This is significant as I manage a business and a household of 7 people. I am grateful for your perspective and input!”

Many thanks,
Jennifer Baryluk, BS, CYT

“Thank you sooo much for the very detailed Feng Shui strategy session. I took copious notes and intend to refer back to them often over the coming months/year. I LOVE that you do so much due diligence in advance and are so prepared with specifics. I look forward to your upcoming videos as well. I intend to do better with keeping in touch and will let you know how the year unfolds for me — armed as I am with all the heads-ups” (plural?) that you provided.  Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season and a healthy, happy New Year.  Thanks again very, very much!”

Saralee Cox

Another person reported that she got more out of her session than six months of professional appointments!