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All Sessions will be conducted on January 12, 2018
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What is a Relationship Strategy Session?

Who should you be attracting into your life? Who will support your vision, goals, and desires?

We live in a social world where we interact with people all the time. Relationships include spouses, partners, friends, associates, acquaintances, and let’s not forget social media. A Feng Shui relationship strategy session helps you navigate effectively in the world of social interactions. It reveals options for you based on research performed from a Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology perspective. It discloses the kinds of individuals who will best support you, and how to make the best of those who don’t.

This isn’t your Mama’s matchmaking. This is you attracting relationships you want and deserve. Learn the M & M‘s from Master Diana Garber that is.

  • Maximize: You will learn how to align yourself with people who will support you and your uniqueness. Manifest more harmony in your life.
  • Minimize: You’ll learn who doesn’t naturally support you, and how to make the best of those relationships.

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What others have to say about their Personal Strategy Session

I was delighted to appeal to Diana Garber for my personal strategy consultation. Diana gave me sound advice based on my personal Feng Shui (as the stars are somewhat different for each person).

She told me about ways to relate to people and my environment, and whether this year is supportive of the changes I am making (move from London to Rome). She exceeded my expectations and I’m much happier now living in Rome.

Check out other services on Diana’s website, as I did. This was also very helpful and I found the information insightful. Diana’s grounded way of looking into Feng Shui, and the way she shares her knowledge and wisdom are marvelous. She is an absolutely lovely person to talk to. I recommend her advice, you will be geared for success!

Elyza, London, U.K.

I found my session very helpful. I am a person who takes a fresh look each year at my goals and projects that I would like to accomplish. Doing this helps me to feel positive about the year ahead, even when it may represent great challenges. The Personal Strategy Session helped outline some potential challenges, and how I can have a positive affect on them. As you know, I experienced important results these last couple years by implementing Feng Shui elements into my home, business, and life. The strategy session also helped me prioritize my projects for the year. This is significant as I manage a business and a household of 7 people. I am grateful for your perspective and input!”

I participated in a personal strategy session and always appreciate Diana’s high level of professionalism and soothing sense of humor! Even when things are bleak, she makes an extra special effort to work out some positive aspect of managing the energy and healing challenging situations. 

I had my personal strategy session with Diana Garber at Intuitive Concepts. It was amazing! It was very helpful for my life personally and professionally. I felt it gave me both guidance and confirmation with my ideas and decisions. Anyone whom “wants to be proactive with their health,” has trouble making decisions, plans to make changes this year, or wants confirmation they are headed in the right direction should schedule one of these sessions!

I truly enjoyed the session. I’m new to this and you were very helpful explaining what it means, how to best understand the info, and how you personally use the insights. Now that I know a little – I realize I’d love to know more. You clearly have a gift for understanding how to best support your clients and I’m so glad to have the chance to get a taste of what you can do. I find it (and you) pretty amazing. I’m going to listen to the recording again with my calendar in hand to map out 2018 and select times that will be helpful in my business and life in general. Thanks so much.

Phyllis Nichols


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