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What’s Going On? Rethink, Retool, Replenish – A Self-Care Retreat


Can you relate to this? “I’m normally a happy person but between COVID, impacts to work and income, kids having to be home-schooled, my role to keep everyone’s spirits up, the bickering in government, the news and all the violence, and life right now -- I find myself lacking motivation and blue a lot. Why [...]

What’s Going On? Rethink, Retool, Replenish – A Self-Care Retreat2020-08-13T10:06:20-04:00

What’s going on? Part 2: 2020 Impacts on Technology


2020 and its Impact on Technology If you haven't already, I suggest you read the last blog,  Part 1 about 2020 and its impacts. In this blog post, I want to focus on technology not only because we’re depending on it more than ever due to the pandemic (stay-at-home orders, school closings, stimulus and unemployment [...]

What’s going on? Part 2: 2020 Impacts on Technology2020-08-13T10:04:19-04:00

2020 Coronavirus: What’s going on? Part 1


2020 Coronavirus: a Feng Shui Perspective What’s Going On? Part 1 In August of 2019, I started working with clients on the energy of 2020 and discussed trends for the New Year. Knowing that 2020 is a 7 (soft-metal) year (based on a 10,000-year calendar) and 7 is the fighting star, I knew we were [...]

2020 Coronavirus: What’s going on? Part 12020-08-05T13:54:31-04:00

What’s Going On? Retreat Sign Up


What’s Going On? A Self-Care Retreat Sign up It's all about you! Be your own champion and manage your risks. Apply natural methods to improve your immune system and reduce stress. Workshop Fee: $305 Click here to pay with Paypal or a credit card, or call 740-965-9458 for other arrangements. Cancellations 48-hours in advance are eligible [...]

What’s Going On? Retreat Sign Up2020-07-21T15:57:50-04:00

2020 Trends: A Must-attend event!


2020 Trends Workshop Cost: $26 This workshop is so packed with information and tips, you won’t want to miss it. Learn how to minimize negative energy so that opportunities can blossom. Here’s a sampling of what we’ll cover: 2020’s Feng Shui energy is 7-soft metal. Who is supported? Who isn’t? What buildings are supported? What [...]

2020 Trends: A Must-attend event!2020-01-21T10:58:00-05:00

For Feng Shui Compass Users – Magnetic North Accelerated Shift!


Whether you use a compass or not, you’ll want to read this article. Energy changes every moment, hour, day, month, and year. You and the buildings you live and work in need to change with it. You’ll notice I used the word “with” it. In other words, we don’t cure energy; it is constantly shifting. [...]

For Feng Shui Compass Users – Magnetic North Accelerated Shift!2019-12-18T14:17:31-05:00

Event: Feng Shui for the Holidays


The holidays are upon us and we have a gift for YOU! This event is chock full of ideas that will delight you, your family, friends, and guests. However, you need to reserve your spot NOW because there’s limited seating. This 1.5-hour workshop covers techniques and tips to enjoy the holiday season.  Led by Diana [...]

Event: Feng Shui for the Holidays2019-11-19T16:37:39-05:00

Feng Shui Speaking


Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Author Feng Shui Speaking Engagements. I love the work I do, Authentic Feng Shui in Healthcare, Business, and Personal Life. Therefore it's my honor to share it with the world. I understand it's a challenge to find a speaker that will connect with your audience and provide value. Feng Shui [...]

Feng Shui Speaking2020-08-04T15:56:25-04:00

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!


I've worked with Diana Garber for many years. She helped me with my former house; and is now helping me with my apartment. Anytime she speaks locally, I attend if I can because there's always something to learn. When she says there's nothing cookie-cutter about the Feng Shui she practices, it's so true. I could [...]

Do Yourself a Favor, Hire Diana for a Consult!2019-09-26T14:00:50-04:00

6 Strategies to Attract Your Distinctive Partner


There is no one like you. You customize your home according to your lifestyle. You customize your food according to your tastes. So why not customize your wants, needs, and desires to attract your unique partner? This workshop is for you if you want to create a roadmap for that special someone … someone who [...]

6 Strategies to Attract Your Distinctive Partner2019-10-23T10:57:25-04:00
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