Feng Shui Insights and Tips for July 2019

Feng Shui Insights and Tips for July 2019


The six-month trial period of providing monthly insights and tips is winding down. August insights will be the last of the series. I’ve heard from a handful of people that enjoy and utilize the information and thank you for the feedback. However, Feng Shui is about flow (flow out = effort, flow in = feedback) so it appears these have run their course. What do you want to hear about next?

The Feng Shui month begins on July 7 through August 7. It is a six (hard metal) month in 2019’s eight-earth year. Metal and earth are compatible so we’ll likely have a good month. The 6:8 combination implies money, fame, and leadership; but also loneliness and emotional upset.

There’s more detail below and a high-level synopsis includes opportunities for business and real estate.

How do you use this information? Be proactive! After all, Feng Shui is risk management.

  • Read the sections below for health, relationships, wealth, business and academia. Where a remedy is recommended, implement one.
  • Be proactive – follow the advice given below. I believe knowledge is power, meaning when (as an example) we know there is a possibility of a rainstorm, we take an umbrella and drive more defensively. I’m a big fan of planning ahead and also prepare then go with the flow.

Another way you can use this information is if your Ming Gua or kua (birth number) is seven. This month’s influences impact you even more. Don’t know what your kua is? Use our free calculator. If you don’t know your hour of birth that’s okay. Just enter your day, month, and year of birth. Also, select your birth gender as males calculate differently than females. Then select calculate.

There are certain numbers we pay attention to because when the six flies in, the surrounding numbers also change. That’s why this discipline is called flying stars. Those numbers are 2, 3, 5 and others explained below. I’m listing where these numbers appear this month so that you can avoid the areas or implement a remedy. If you are wondering why the grid to the left is flipped (North on bottom and South on top), I explained that in the video.

Note: The recommendations below are based only on timing (a 6 month in an 8 year, and the numbers that fly into a quadrant during July). There is more to it than this. The buildings you work or live in may need something entirely different. When buildings have been analyzed and diagnosed, they’ll receive a specific and strategic action plan that produces quantifiable results. So to my clients, utilize these recommendations only when the remedy (if one is provided) doesn’t conflict with your implementation plan. Let’s chat if you have questions.


  • Two flies into the North which affects water of the body (blood, ears, bladder issues), stomach and gastrointestinal health. If your bedroom or office is in the North, consider using another room. The remedy is metal or the colors white, gray, or metallic/shiny gold or silver.


  • Two flies into the North which affects communication such as arguments at home which may be due to in-law interference. The remedy is metal or the colors white, gray, or metallic/shiny gold or silver.
  • Five flies into the SE which can bring about conflict, misunderstandings or disagreements. Move conversations elsewhere if you want them to go smoothly. Utilize a water feature or colors of blue or black.
  • Seven flies into the NW which can improve loyalty and relationships. Utilize the NW for conversations and meetings.


  • Three flies into the SW which can cause financial difficulties. There is a risk of losing valuables or money. Consider handling financial matters elsewhere. The remedy is metal or the colors white, gray, or metallic/shiny gold or silver.
  • Eight flies into the West making this area good for financial planning and consolidation.


  • Two flies into the North causing stress at work. The remedy is metal or the colors white, gray, or metallic/shiny gold or silver.
  • Three flies into the SW which can cause issues with subordinates. Consider holding meetings elsewhere. The remedy is metal or the colors white, gray, or metallic/shiny gold or silver.
  • Four flies into the East which helps the growth of business. Utilize the East to help short-term projects turn a profit.
  • Nine flies into the NE which helps real estate in July. This also supports new business ventures with creative ideas. Utilize the NE for networking.


  • South helps students and those involved with academics: good area to study in and helps with focus.

You’ll notice I don’t suggest “cures” such as statues and trinkets, crystals, salt-water bowls, and such. 1) These aren’t strong enough to shift the energy of a space (unless it is a tiny room) let alone the energy of a building. 2) We don’t cure energy. We negotiate with it. I leave cures up to healthcare and self-care.

It is so important to understand the energy of the structure you work or live in. A proper analysis reveals the past, present, and potential of the space – how it has, is, or can be utilized. Help the building you are in to feel better and it will thank you. Make informed decisions and manifest an awesome future. Contact us today to explore your options.

Just want to know about you in 2019? Consider a personal strategy session. Want career insight? Or a relationship strategy session is about who to surround yourself with.

Do you like this information? How do you put it to use? Please do share!


  • Feng Shui for Health and Wellness at St. Ann’s/Mount Carmel on June 5.
  • July 2 is a new moon and solar eclipse – a good day to start projects.
  • July 16 is a full moon and lunar eclipse – a good day to complete projects. Since full moons affect us (think of the tides), avoid invasive medical procedures a couple days before and after a full moon.



The information contained in this post cannot replace or substitute for services of trained professionals in any field, including but not limited to mental, financial, medical, psychological, or legal. I do not offer that type of professional, personal, medical, financial or legal advice and none of the information offered should be confused as such advice. Intuitive Concepts makes no representation, promises, or warranties with regard to contents of this post and accepts no liability for loss or damages caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly from using the information.

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